Payroll Services for Small Business for one and more employees

Sick and tired of detail work that keeps you away from doing the business you KNOW how to do? Small Business Owners juggle many hats, chances are one of them is not payroll and may not be bookkeeping either. 

Find yourself dropping everything and running to the post office and bank several times (or more)  a month?  Tired of Certified Mail?

This takes time away from what makes your business grow. 

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Let us manage your payroll services. 

With our payroll service, you no longer have to reorganize your work life to complete Quarterly forms, do payroll calculations and write checks. 

Quarterly and Annual forms are e-filed to the appropriate agencies when they are needed. 

No more worries!

Here is a sample list of what we can take off your plate so you can do what you need to do in to make your business thrive! 

  • Comprehensive payroll and tax services
  • Quarterly and Annual forms
  • Customized payroll reporting
  • Paper and electronic general ledger entries
  • Preview of your payroll register prior to processing
  • Serve companies in all 50 states, including tax payments

Notice we mentioned bookkeeping up above?  Yes, we can help with that too.